Sounders Day

Sounders Day is a longstanding tradition at Howe Sound Secondary but due to COVID, the event hasn’t run since the Spring 2019. We are very excited to bring back this event and look forward to seeing our students dressed in their team colours, ready to participate and cheer on their peers!

Thursday, June 9th, our school will be bringing back Sounders Day! This is a school wide celebration that encourages school spirit and fun competition. Here are some details that our students and families will find helpful:

  • Students have been assigned to colour teams and are encouraged to dress up in their colour. Teams can be found on the library window and on this slide show: Click Here for Slide Show
  • Students should now sign up for events in their colour teams. Event sign up is posted on the library window. Students can still join in on events on the day of the event, but priority is given to those signed up first.
  • Students arrive to school to go to their morning block for attendance
  • Students participate in a variety of events during the day.
  • Students are expected to actively participate through the day by partaking in events and cheering on their team
  • Complimentary meat and vegetarian hot dogs (compliments of Hector’s Independent) will be prepared by our HSS professional chefs program and served for lunch. Students should also bring their own snacks and water bottle for the day.
  • Although Sounders Day is different in terms of the shape of the day and activities, our Student Code of Conduct is in place. Students are expected to conduct themselves as they would during a regular school day.