Volunteers able to drive team members are asked for the following:

Get a Drivers Abstract Completed: There is no charge to have this completed.

The fastest method (within 10 minutes) is to apply online and records will be emailed to you: Press here

OR Go to Squamish Insurance Services, Motor Vehicle Branch with your Drivers License, located at Chieftain Centre, 1325 Pemberton Ave. OR call with your Drivers’ License info 1 800 950-1498. They will send the information to the Motor Vehicle Branch. The results will usually come back the same day and have it faxed directly to the school at (604) 892-5618 or emailed to Shelby Seeman at sseeman@sd48.bc.ca or hss@sd48.bc.ca.

Fill a RCMP Criminal Records Check Form (CRC): Are done online at:

Online Link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/
Access Code: 2Q9PXWHYBQ

We will need copies of your vehicle insurance in the office as well.