Volunteers able to drive team members are asked for the following:

Get a Drivers Abstract Completed: There is no charge to have this completed. Go to Squamish Insurance Services, Motor Vehicle Branch with your Drivers License, located at Chieftain Centre, 1325 Pemberton Ave. OR call with your Drivers’ License info 1 800 950-1498. They will send the information to the Motor Vehicle Branch. The results will usually come back the same day and have it faxed directly to the school at (604) 892-5618 or emailed to Shelby Seeman at sseeman@sd48.bc.ca or hss@sd48.bc.ca.

Fill a RCMP Criminal Records Check Form (CRC): Are done online at:

Online Link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/
Access Code: 2Q9PXWHYBQ

We will need copies of your vehicle insurance in the office as well.